What tools do you need to create squeeze pages and mailing lists?



The squeeze pages can be created as simple pages and / or articles with more precise precautions:

1) in the squeeze page it is good practice to eliminate all forms of distraction such as sidebars, internal links to the text and anything that could lead the user off the page mailing lists in Santa Fe.

2) give a lot of importance to the title (as always)

3) write an effective and detailed text in which you raise a problem, give an answer and a solution (your report of course)

4) use the lists to highlight the important points and clearly describe what the user will find in the report

5) if you have the opportunity, invite someone to leave a testimony about the benefits received from your gift

6) call to action and make the registration form as simple and immediate as possible, I recommend email and send button or at most name, email and button. Do not insert too many fields, the more fields you insert the lower the conversions.

In addition to wordpress you could also use the free version of Elementor , a plugin that allows you to create very beautiful pages graphically without writing a line of code. You can do everything visually with a very intuitive interface and, if you want, you could also use ready-made templates to customize.

If you don’t have a site, you could even collect email addresses using Facebook ADS Lead ADS campaigns . They are campaigns that allow you to create an internal Facebook module and show advertisements to platform users who can conveniently leave their data without leaving Facebook.

But leaving out the Lead ADS and returning to our squeeze page …

The module? How do I make it?


The module is generally made with the same services that you will use for the management of email marketing and then integrated into WordPress, the services are many, but wanting to mention the most famous and well-known I can tell you (in random order).