Compagnie Le Sonart

David Chevallier

Is That Pop Music ?!?

Is That Pop Music ?!?

When jazz musicians, improvisation wizards, take over legendary Beatles compositions, on those of U2, Jeff Buckley or The Police, can they still be called Pop Music ?
Paying homage to the masterpieces of Anglo-Saxon pop music from the sixties to the eighties, the young and brilliant composer and guitarist David Chevallier and his group of highly talented musicians reinvent and remodel this music so deeply rooted in our collective memory and push even further the limits.

David Chevallier : guitars, arrangements
David Linx : vocals
Yves Robert : trombone
Christophe Monnot : saxophones
Gérald Chevillon : bass saxophone
Denis Charolles : drums

CD released on Cristal Records / Harmonia Mundi. CHOC Jazz Magazine Jazzman

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